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Wine & Spirit Tastings

We host monthly wine tasting at the Inn.  These are led by top Sommeliers who bring a wealth of experience to our wine tastings.  These are extremely enjoyable events.   The Wine Tastings are on Saturday evening from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm once a month.   Wine  & Tequila Tastings are $30 Per Person.

     2019 Wine & Spirit Tasting Dates/Themes

February 2- Wines from Around the World - A sampling of wines from around the world.

March 2 -Rosé All Day! - Rosés from different regions, made from different varietals.   

April 6 - Le Tour de France -Taste lovely wines from all over France 

May 11  -Wines for Summer - Wines that express the nuances of Summertime: lively, fun, and refreshing.


June 15 - Pinot Noir Around the World - Take a journey around the globe with this elegant and versatile varietal.  

July 13- A Lesson on Tequila  - A discussion on the three different "levels" of Tequila--a brief history and the makings of why each style is different.  

August 3 -  Italy- Taste the Boot -Learn about the the classic regions and taste 8 wines representing best of Italian wine.  

September 7 - Southern Hemisphere Wines - Wines are featured that hail from countries below the equator: Chile, Argentina, Australia and New Zealand. 

October 5 - Spanish Beauties -Discover the wines of Spain.

November 2 - Thanksgiving Wines -Taste through wines that embody the approaching holiday.

December 7 -Holiday Bubbles - A journey tasting unique and affordable bubbles- a perfect start to the holidays!

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