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Five Attractions within 5 mi. of Arroyo Vista Inn

Pasadena, Los Angeles County’s largest city, is home to many tourist attractions. Aside from its impressive array of restaurants, shops and bars, the city is brimming with culture; from sport to art, there is something for everyone in Pasadena. For visitors to the Arroyo Vista Inn, nothing in Pasadena is too far, even if you are travelling by foot; the hotel is just moments away from the city’s main sights. Here are five of Pasadena’s finest sights, all within five miles of Arroyo Vista Hotel.

Pacific Asia Museum

Its strikingly recognisable building is home to a range of artworks from regions across Asia and the Pacific Islands. More than 15,000 pieces sit within this important museum, each telling a story into the lives and experiences of people throughout the vast region. From ancient times to the present day, there is art from all periods, including paintings, sculptures, carvings and photographs. There is also a stunning, Northern Chinese style landscaped garden, which is arguably one of the prettiest and most peaceful locations in the city of Los Angeles. The museum’s distinctive building has long served as a center for art, culture and learning, since its construction in 1924, finally finding its vocation as the Pacific Asia Museum in 1971.

Huntington Library, Art Gallery and Botanical Gardens

For lovers of art, history and nature, Huntington Library has it all in one beautiful location. Arguably one of Los Angeles’ best hidden gems, Huntington Library contains many acres of luscious gardens, full of many colourful species of trees and flowers. There is a subtropical garden, a Chinese garden, Japanese garden and even a jungle. Sitting in the middle of these meticulously maintained gardens is a stunning mansion, which is home to a library and an art gallery. The library houses the most impressive collection of old and rare books and manuscripts that are important to British and American history. Three separate galleries house an exquisite collection of art pieces from 18th and 19th Century France and Britain. A fourth gallery houses changing exhibitions. This place is a haven for beauty, academia and history and is a must for anyone with a passion or interest in one of these areas.

Norton Simon Museum

Situated among landscaped ‘Sculpture’ gardens and water ponds just off Ventura Freeway, this distinctive round, brown building is home to an extensive collection of art ranging from 14th Century through to contemporary. Collections include European sculptures and paintings, as well as Asian crafts, tapestries and prints. The museum also houses a theater, which plays a comprehensive programme of films, lectures, dance performances and music festivals all year round.

Echo Park

Affluent Echo Park is one of the oldest districts in Los Angeles. With Spanish bungalows and pretty cottages set among rolling hills, open green spaces and glistening lakes, the Park is home to some of Los Angeles’ most influential leaders. Full of important landmarks, Echo Park contains examples of architecture from a variety of different eras. The Park was home to the legendary Edendale Film studios, which were prominent in the film industry long before Hollywood burst onto the scene, as well as Elysian Park, Echo Park Lotus Bed and Echo Park Lake, which are all stunning spots full of natural beauty.

Pasadena City Hall

The breath-taking sight of Pasadena City Hall is not to be missed. Such a grandiose building is the central location for the city’s government, as well as being one of the most significant architectural structures in the state. The building is part of the City Beautiful movement of the 1920s, which was an urban planning philosophy that sought to bring beautification and monumental grandeur to cities. One of the true jewels of Pasadena, City Hall was recently restored in the early 2000’s to its full original glory.

Of course, the above suggestions are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring Pasadena and the surrounding areas. There are plenty of outlets nearby the hotel that offer car hire. A car will allow you to fully experience the natural beauty that surrounds the city; a trip to Angeles Forest, for example, is thoroughly recommended. The vast woodland is around twice the size of the whole city of Los Angeles, and there are many stunning drives to be experienced around the forest that will enable you to see the real appeal and diversity of the Pasadena and surrounding areas.

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